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halfanauphe's Journal

Caliban Leandros
12 January 1988
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Character Name: Caliban Leandros
Character Fandom: Caliban Leandros Series
Fandom Medium: book
Character Gender: male
Character Species: half, yes, an Auphe. More below.
Physical Description: Caliban is fairly slender, with black hair and startlingly pale skin. His eyes are grey and his face is fairly open and expressive, making him not very good at lying. He has a straight, narrow nose, an oval face, and even features. He’s fairly short heightwise, lanky and more lean muscle than bulk, though he has his own sort of strength. He can appear slightly skittish and nervous, though he has a tendency toward a permanent half scowl or a slightly sardonic grin. He’s not very good at blending in with other people, even with a pronounced slouch like nearly every other young adult out there, because he’s constantly wound tight and ready to run whenever he has to. He has a few scars, the most notable being one on the side of his neck and a white line about the width of a sword on his stomach. When he’s thinking about Niko or Darkling, he has an unconscious habit of putting one arm over it almost protectively, though he’s not aware he does this. Finally, he has a tattoo on one bicep that Darkling got that says ‘Mom’, though he covers it nearly all the time, as it’s just a reminder of that few weeks.
Short Biography: Caliban was essentially created as the key to Auphe (evil, evil elves) dominion over the world, and hence is half monster, hence the name. He and his brother, Niko, have been hunted by the Auphe for all of his life, and had several near misses, until he was caught up with by a male banshee known as Darkling with the ability to possess people. It possessed Cal. Much nastiness followed, he died, (sort of) and has ended up here sometime shortly after that fiasco. With his life, this kind of situation isn't that unusual.
Personality Description: Caliban is cynical and pessimistic to a fault, continually believing the worst of people (he's been mostly right before). He's also a smart ass with a quicker mouth than brain. Since his experience with Darkling, he's acquired even more twitchy nervousness and wariness, but he tends to be impulsive and kind of puppyish at times. Also terrified of himself and his monster half and mirrors, but that's beside the point.
Special Abilities: No magic; he can travel but it's not under his control and he himself doesn't know about it. Heightened senses, especially smell.
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