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Posted on 2012.08.02 at 17:20
Caliban sometimes wonders when the universe will get tired of throwing him curveballs. Sometimes. (And then he remembers that 'never' is probably a safe bet.) And this is going to be his fault, too, just you wait, though he supposes Niko will probably just be relieved that he made it out of that fucking pit-)

All of this in the fraction of a moment when he is neither quite here or quite there and before he lands in a way that effectively knocks all of the air out of his lungs, covered in foul smelling slime and gasping as he stares blankly up at an unfamiliar and unfortunately colored ceiling.

And what the fuck just happened.

(The where is not, actually, first on his list at the moment.)


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Posted on 2009.07.20 at 20:10
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